At Ashgrove West Dental, we provide patients with the option to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue using dentures.


Partial dentures are used when there are natural teeth still remaining, and are most common replacement option to fill gaps as a result of missing teeth. Full dentures are used when all the natural teeth are missing. 

Partial dentures
Full acrylic denture

Making dentures can often be a long process that generally takes place over a few appointments to ensure that your dentures are made to a high standard and comfortable fit. In the first appointment, a number of impressions are taken to ensure the denture can fit accurately in line with your teeth and jaw. Next, these impressions are taken to a dental technician where models or wax-forms are made. You will "try in" this model several times to ensure the shape, colour and fit is right. After the try in appointment, the model will be sent back to the dental technician where the final denture is made. Slight adjustments during the last appointment may be necessary.

We can also provide assistance to patients who already have dentures that are uncomfortable or causing pain. We are able to make adjustments as needed, or can send them to our dental technician for any additions and adjustments with a short turn around time.