At Ashgrove West Dental we take an honest and conservative approach to treatment - ALWAYS.

During a check-up and clean our dentists will ask about your dental concerns and screen for any dental issues. If detected early enough, a dentist can provide preventative, non-invasive advice to help avoid future problems and dental work. The earlier issues are picked up and treated, the better the long-term result.


Our thorough examinations screen for:


  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ or Jaw joint) and Muscle related issues

  • Oral Soft Tissue Exam for Mucosal Lesions, Tumours and Cancer

  • Sleep Apnoea and Airway issues

  • Gum and Periodontal health 

  • Bite and Occlusion Analysis (static and dynamic)

  • Saliva Quantity and Quality

  • Oral Hygiene (plaque and tartar)

  • Teeth Charting (decay, tooth wear, chipped or broken teeth/fillings, missing teeth, wisdom teeth etc)

Our dentists will usually provide a scale and clean to remove plaque and tartar at the same time of the examination. In most cases, it allows us to view the teeth and gums better and is a more efficient use of time.


We finish our check and clean by applying a strong remineralizing agent to the teeth to help prevent cavities and reverse early signs of tooth decay - you will know this as fluoride. 

Our dentists believe in continuous quality care and will recommend this kind of thorough check and clean every 6 months to ensure your smile stays as healthy as it can. 

TMJ Temporomandibular Joint
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Oral Cancer, Oral Soft Tissues